Set of Two Multi-Stage Shower Filter Cartridges


  • This package contains Set of two 10 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge
  • ★ PURE WATER – 12 Months Hard Water Purifier System Replacements, Easy installation and can be used on Geysa, Beleef, Aquabliss, Aqua elegant, CaptainEco and similar Filters
  • ★ REMOVE CHLORINE & SEDIMENTS with combo power of Maifan Balls Activated Carbon Calcium Sulfite Ceramic balls & KDF 55 media stage to clean & remove dirty harmful chlorine chloramine ammonia bad smell lead chromium
  • ★ PROTECTS SENSITIVE SKIN & NAILS, prevents the growth of organic materials like bacteria & Algae, act as a moisturizer, purifier, softener and better body wash with purified filtered output
  • ★ GREATER RESPIRATORY HEALTH The Filtration Reduces the risk of Asthma Eczema Cancer and Bronchitis by performing the purification and sanitation process that removes 99% of Chlorine safe for pets and kids
  • ★ PROTECT YOUR HAIR & prevent dandruff dry skin & hair loss better treatment & bath hygiene to provide itchy skin relief and moisturize dry skin mold removal and algae control 8


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