Eco Multi-Stage Advanced Cartridge Replacement for Water Filtration


  • 6 months hard water purifier system replacements, easy installation
  • Remove chlorine & sediments with combo power of Maifan balls
  • Protects sensitive skin & nails, prevents the growth of organic materials like bacteria & algae
  • Greater respiratory health the filtration reduces the risk of asthma eczema cancer and bronchitis
  • Protect your hair & prevent dandruff dry skin & hair loss better treatment

10-stage filtration system for Captain Eco and similar shower filters the filter cartridge includes a combination of KDF-55, active carbon and calcium sulfite, polypropylene cotton & ceramic balls to filter showering water. These materials will purify the water by removing any impurities & harmful heavy metals & chlorine during the cartridge very effectively.

Better skin & hair care we assure a better water quality output to shower with. With our 10-stage filtration, you will experience a much healthier shower that helps to remove dry skin & itchy skin for both men & women. You will also benefit from odor-free water that you can safely use for your kids, or your pets highly remove chlorine & many other impurities 5-stages of filtration leave nothing but pure water at the output for you to use.

The filter not only removes chlorine to a high degree but also many sediments, heavy metals & other small particles & impurities in the shower water.


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