Eco 4-Inch 8-Setting High-Pressure Shower Head with Extra Teflon Tape USA Standard


  • NEW 8 SETTINGS PERFORMANCE: Elegant body design and model tested with all heads producing Mist Massage Rainfall Power Eco Sprays
  • HIGH-PRESSURE JET: Fascinating designed nuzzles for high-pressure water flow, double performance in rain mode, best for adding shower filter
  • ANTI CLOGGING NUZZLES: Easy to clean, also nuzzles are hard to clog, showering never feel better for your baby or pets
  • EASY TOOL-LESS INSTALLATION: Free Teflon tape and a complete DIY instruction manual connected to all standard arms and extensions
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Replacement for your old model is here, it is elegant and luxurious with chrome-plated finish

Get ready to install our latest model, 8 settings high-quality Captain Eco shower head:

  • Universal 
  • USA Standard
  • Self-cleaning nuzzles that prevent lime, debris and hard water deposits (Rub-clean Jets)
  • 360° High quality, big size and durable ball joint (angle adjustment)
  • Removable stainless steel water flow restrictor
  • Modern Design
  • Free Teflon Tape
  • Tool-Free Installation, no assembly required
  • Limited Lifetime support

If you want to use less water and still have a great shower experience our shower head is the best choice you have:

  • Water saving modes
  • Pressure mode

Here are the 8 settings of our shower head:

  1. Multi Shower (Pressure Mode)
  2. Power Rain Shower (Eco Mode)
  3. Relax Massage Shower (Eco Mode)
  4. Wide Rain Shower (Eco Mode)
  5. Hitting Shower (Eco Mode)
  6. Full Body Shower (Pressure Mode)
  7. Eco Shower (Eco Mode)
  8. Spray Mode (Eco Mode)


Now you kids will love to take shower with you, it is more fun and joyful.

Perfect choice for:

  1. Women with babies
  2. Kids
  3. Pet owners
  4. Perfect fit to our shower filter (to remove Chlorine and maintain water pressure)

What its made of:

  1. Grade A ABS Face
  2. Quality TPR Nuzzles
  3. Durable Silicone Washers
  4. Solid hard ABS body
  5. Chrome exterior finish on the body


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