5 effective ways to prevent hair colors from fading away

10 Jul 2019

Every day clients complaining about their hair colors fading and asking their hairstylist for solutions to prevent this issue. Although the hair conditioners make hair colors last longer, but there are other simple ways that can affect more.

Almost 70% of women in united states color their hairs, and the good news is with proper care, you can keep your colored hairs looking shiny for a long time.

1- Skip the high temperature shower

Even know to have a hot shower feels so amazing, but it’s not so good for your colored hairs. The high temperature usually opens up the hair cuticle, and while washing your hairs, all the color will go away with it. Instead, try to use lukewarm water while applying shampoo on your hairs. Also, the hard water we use at home contains a large amount of chlorine, which can have negative effects on your health. chlorine gets activated even more while using hot waters. To make sure you are free from all chlorine, try installing shower filters which can remove chlorine by 99%.

2- Using shower Filters

Hard waters contain minerals such as chlorine, bacteria, iron, rust, copper, and leads. These minerals stick to your hairs and slowly fading away color hairs. People usually use a lot of hair shampoo and conditioners, while the problem of fading color can easily be solved by installing a shower filter.
It’s so easy to install, just screw off your shower head, screw in your shower filter and screw back in your shower head again.

3- Use less shampoo

Washing your hair with shampoo again and again is not a good solution to protect your colored hairs, because shampooing daily can strip hair of its natural oils and dislodge color molecules which fade your shade. while the problem can be easily solved with CaptainEco shower filter, it reduces the water usage and brings you a good shower experience.

4- Use deep hair conditioners

It’s often better to use hair conditioner every time you use shampoo on your hairs; try using moisturizing conditioners while you have colored hairs, it helps your hair to be soft and shiny. Also, remember shampoos take more color from your hair than conditioners and filtered water helps prevent it even less.

5- Minimize your hair’s exposure to sunlight

It is essential to maintain your beauty, as you applying sunscreen while you go out, For everyday use a leave-in conditioner that shields color from damaging UV rays and prevents it from fading.

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