5 Facts about Shower Filters that You Should Know

5 Facts about Shower Filters that You Should Know

Do you sometimes experience rashes, redness or itching of the skin after bathing? Do you feel like you can no longer stand the unpleasant chemical smell that oozes from your shower water? If there is a recognizable annoyance that is preventing you from enjoying your showers, you might want to install a shower filter.

In most cases, shower filters help solve discomforts brought about by hard water. The following are some facts that you should know about shower filters:

1. Shower filters help reduce water-soluble heavy metals

Most shower filters come with a KDF water filter media that is primarily used for hard water treatment with the use of redox, oxidation process.  A KDF shower filter is designed to remove dangerous chemical contaminants and water-soluble heavy metals from shower water, including hydrogen sulphide (sulfur odor), iron, scale, and chlorine. Besides, a shower filter for hard water is capable of removing harmful substances such as algae and bacteria.

2. Shower filters don’t work precisely as water softeners

There is a difference between shower filters and water softeners concerning how they work. While a shower water softener will remove only hard water minerals like iron and calcium, a showerhead filter will remove water-soluble heavy metals and dangerous chemical contaminants. Water softeners add salt to the water to reduce the hardness, making the soap harder to rinse off of your skin. The good thing about a shower head filter for hard water is that it doesn’t add salt to water, thus makes it easy to rinse the soap off, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft.

3. Shower filters don’t necessarily soften water

While a shower head filter will get rid of chlorine and various other chemicals from your shower water, it will not necessarily soften the water in the same way a traditional water softener does. Nevertheless, a shower head with a filter will make your shower water much less harsh, leaving your hair and skin looking and feeling significantly softer. You can also consider buying a water softener shower head to soften your water.

4. Shower filters work well with well water

If you rely on well water for your domestic use, you’ll be relieved to know thata shower head with filter work quite well with well water. Buying shower filters to remove chlorine and fluoride will be extremely helpful in reducing scale, chlorine, sulfide minerals, and any other chemicals used to treat well water.

5. Shower filters don’t necessarily reduce water pressure

Many shower filters are certified to process water at the recommended 2.5 gallons per minute. This is the same flow regulation for most standard shower heads. Even so, there are also some models that process water at 2.0 gallons per minute. It is, therefore, advisable to check the flow rate of a shower water filter before buying if you are concerned about water pressure loss.

The best shower filter for you is the one that removes impurities and odors from your shower water without compromising water pressure. To get such a filter, you can choose from the various captain eco shower filters. Their shower head filters not only process water at the same flow regulation as most standard showerheads, but they also remove all impurities in water to ensure that you enjoy your showers all the time.

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