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What's inside the box?

We provided everything you will need for creating a delightful shower in CaptainEco Shower Filter package.

  • Silver-Finished CaptainEco Shower Filter housing
  • 2 CaptainEco Multi-Stage Shower Cartridge
  • Shower Curtain
  • Rubber Washers
  • Teflon
  • Instruction
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Use Shower Filter?

Our hard water and well water consist of minerals such as chlorine, bacteria, iron, rust, copper, and lead which damaging our hairs and skins, CaptainEco shower filter is one of the first multi-stage filters which eliminate All the minerals from water.

Can this be used on any shower head?

Yes, CaptainEco shower Filter is a Universal Shower Filter and can be used on any showerhead.

How to Install shower Filter?

CaptainEco shower Filter is so Easy to install. Just unscrew your shower head, Screw-in shower filter. You can then screw back your shower head and use it.

Does it reduce water pressure after installation?

Not at all, this shower filter doesn`t affect the pressure of water after
installation; you will be still have the same water pressure.

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What People are saying?

6 Months Subscription 3

Very easy to apply just screw off the showerhead and put this in and screw back on. Really can feel the difference when your showering. No more chlorine gassy water in your face or hair. A nice clean feeling when you're done. It makes you want to stay in the shower until the water runs cold. and it's affordable. My second purchase, and lasts about 4-6 months with daily use of the shower.

Mara- Amazon Customer
6 Months Subscription 4

I am hoping that my review will help someone. My daughter has struggled with eczema since she was born. The cost of creams alone to find relief has cost a fortune. I went out on a limb when I purchased Captain Eco water filter, and it has helped her skin so much I now purchased this cartridge to make sure it keeps working as it should. I believe this product has been a blessing for my daughters' skin, and she cannot be without it.

Mary - Amazon Customer
6 Months Subscription 5

I have been using this filter for about 2 weeks. My skin definitely feels softer and not dry at all. The water in my home never had a smell of chlorine or sulfur so, I can not say if this product helps with odors. This filter has really made my hair more manageable. I have long curly porous hair and it was so easy to untangle in the shower. It usually takes forever, about 40 minutes but this time around, it took half the time.

Angie – Amazon Customer
6 Months Subscription 6

I love this filter. It makes our very hard water nice and soft. I love the way my skin feels and what it does for my hair when I wash it. It doesn't last as long as stated, but I believe that's because of the quality of our Los Angeles water. I have it on automatic delivery because I don't ever want to be without it.

Y-Moris – Amazon Customer
6 Months Subscription 7

Most people don't bother filtering showers, I didn't think much of it until I started using these, I can't go back. I didn't realize just how great it was until I had a rough sunburn, relaxing in a filtered shower made a huge difference. Daily it's a big difference with hair, no chlorine smell, etc.

Blacke P – Amazon Customer
6 Months Subscription 8

I needed a replacement filter for my shower head that had lost nearly all water pressure over time (because of a clogged filter). Found this CaptainEco filter replacement and it took care of my issue. It's very easy to swap out the old filter and works perfectly. My water pressure back to normal.

Zach W
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