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Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Shower Filter

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With the changing world, the definition of an Eco-friendly product has undergone a sea change. Today it is more about the production way rather than the product itself. The problem of the contemporary world is that in the race of enhancing the production, many companies have chosen the reckless way of manufacturing goods. They have forgotten that our nature has a certain assimilate capacity to bear the effects of the production process and when we cross that line we damage our natural eco-system. The best eco-friendly products are those which are processed in a planned manner, keeping the environment prospects in mind.

The onus of maintaining our environment lies not only on government or environmentalists. Indeed, we all are responsible for it. As a consumer, you can’t shed your responsibilities. In fact, as a consumer, you need to understand that one choice of yours can make the difference. Perhaps it would be interesting to know that you are not at the receiving end, it is the other way round. When you go for eco-labeled products you indirectly safeguard the environment, as such goods are manufactured by inflicting minimal harm to the natural environment. This way you are at the giving end. Hence, if you are looking for a shower chlorine filter, then make sure that you purchase an eco-labeled one.

Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Shower FilterImportance of Shower Filter

It is amazing that we are so thoughtful about drinking water filtration, but when it comes to shower water we are so negligent. Many studies have proven that chlorinated water has an adverse effect on our health and our skin pores during the shower can become the carrier of chloroform to our inner organs of the body.  Shower filters have myriad benefits and they help in minimizing the chlorine from the shower water. In fact, with the help of such chlorine filters, you restrict millions of microorganisms and bacteria from harming your skin. The carcinogenic bacteria present in non-filter shower head could land you in the pit of diseases.

Trample all the harmful materials from the environment and your skin by using a shower chlorine filter which is one of the best eco-friendly products here at Captain Eco. Captain Eco is not just a brand, but a trustworthy brand that doesn’t care for your health in isolation. We believe that your healthy life is based on the balance of the two wheels. The front one that takes care of your body and the rear wheel which ensures the well being of your future by maintaining the ecosystem. We at Captain Eco, have broadened the understanding of nature and as a result, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of leading a green life.

How to buy products here?

Striving for high-quality nature-caring products then you are at the right place. We have a vast array of the best eco-friendly products that are cost-effective. Once you are accustomed to using our products, you will be bound to recommend it to all your friends. When you are here, you must stroll through all our products and then make a choice.

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Why It Is Better To Go Green

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Nowadays, going green is how people are showing love for their mother Earth. With more and more people going green, the basic question “Why go green?” still remains unanswered. The good thing is that, people are getting more and more aware and concerned about the eco-system of the planet. Starting from plastic bags and moving to the chemical products, everyone today is trying to come up with an impactful ways to go green. Scrolling down, you will find some motivating reasons that will enlighten you to the benefits of going green.

1. Increased property value

By making your place eco-friendly, you can easily enhance the value of your property. Some of the best ways for this are installing solar panels on the rooftop  or adding  the water saving toilet and shower. With these methods, you will not only save money, but also create a good place for buyers. The best part of installing these measures include using the sustainable material that do not affect the nature adversely.

2. Energy saving measures

According to the U.S. department of Energy, if every building goes green, then U.S. accounts to save $20 billion every year. There are many simple ways with which you can save tons of energy. Using less amount of water in the washing machine can also contribute in saving energy.

Eco Friendly Product Captain Eco3. Improving health

By opting the eco-friendly products, for instance eco-friendly shower filters can protect you from many different skin related and respiratory problems. It is always a good step to install the shower filter to prevent most of the skin allergies.

4. Increased Productivity

Choosing the eco-friendly products over the chemical ones also help improve the productivity. By opting these eco-friendly measures you can improve the lifestyle and increase your productivity at both workplace and home.

 5. Reduced bill

Opting the eco-friendly products can turn your life around. Being aware about where you spend natural resources, makes you use the resources wisely. Remember we did not inherit the natural resources from ancestors, but we are borrowing them from our children. Using water and electricity eminently will help reduce your bills, saving money.

These are some of the positive aspects of going green, with the best of the eco-friendly products nowadays, you can easily shift to being chemical free. With the focus on saving eco-system and balancing it, we at Captaineco design the products using eco-friendly materials and help save planet Earth from getting destroyed.

How Does Charcoal Purification Work?

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Most of us have experienced the dissatisfaction with the quality of water that comes out of the faucets inCharcoal Purification

our place. No matter if it smells odd, or leaves a mineral residue on the metal or glass surface, it is always a turn off and makes us rethink whether it is safe to use this water. In this questionable state, it is always a good idea to turn onto the water treatment companies. These companies not only test the quality of the water, but also provide you with the extensive and customized measures to resolve the problem.

“Water treatment” is a broad term that covers a spectrum of different ways in which the water quality can be manipulated to be better. As there are a number of variables deciding the quality of water, therefore, there is not a single solution for all the problems. Usually these water treatments are selected on the basis of your location, and with this it is not only the city or state you are living in, but also the type of land you are living. After doing a proper research, and finding out the reason for contamination, these companies help you get rid of the problem effectively.

One of the most prominent purifying techniques is the charcoal purification technique. It is the one most effective technique that are widely used to remove any kind of unwanted entities from water before you use it for drinking, cooking or even bathing. Nowadays activated carbon is used in everything, be it drinking water filters, or aquarium filtration system because of its effectiveness and easy operation. It is true that a perfect filtration system is a multi-stage process having a carbon-activated purification as one of its steps.

How Charcoal Purification works?

The process of charcoal purification works by absorbing the contaminants that are present in the water. This activated charcoal is basically carbon, that is infused with the oxygen that help in creating pores that are used for absorbing contaminants. Where, this is the method that is effectively used for removing the foreign chemicals and microorganisms from water, there, the old reverse osmosis method is incapable of removing synthetic chemical such as-herbicides, pesticides etc.

Recognized as the best water treatment methods by U.S. EPA, this method is also capable of removing the organic impurities like carbon and chlorine, that are usually added for killing the biological contamination.

Being one of the well known eco-friendly product development company, we highly recommend that, unlike most of the applicants, you should always apply this filter not only in the kitchen, but every faucet in your home. Installing these purifiers in the shower heads is also a very good idea, because drinking water is not the only way that can cause infection, but while bathing water is absorbed by our skin, leaving a door of getting infection always open. With our latest eco-friendly products available online at Captaineco, you can be safe when it comes to water purification.

Most Trusted Activated Carbon Water Treatment

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Water Purification Using Activated Carbon Filtrationactivated-carbon

Today, consumers have a variety of choices when shopping for a water purification system. Not all purification systems are the same. They vary in price and filtration abilities. When choosing a purification system, it is important to understand the different types of water filtration methods in order to get the best system that meets your specific filtration needs. One such filtration method that is used in purification is activated carbon filtration. Activated carbon can be found in everything from aquarium filtration systems to pitcher-style drinking water filters to larger home systems. However, the best quality systems will employ a multi-stage filtration process, with an activated charcoal water filtration purifier as the first step of the treatment.

What is activated carbon water treatment?

Activated carbon water treatment is commonly used in filtration systems to filter out contaminants in the water. Carbon is very effective at removing a variety of contaminants including chlorine. It also significantly improves the taste of the water. This carbon is composed of very small groups of carbon atoms that piled on top of each other. The carbon can come from different sources such as coal or peanut shells.

The carbon source is heated slowly without exposure to air to produce a high carbon material. The carbon becomes activated when oxidizing gasses pass through at very high temperatures. The process of carbon activation created the pores that created the adsorptive properties.

How does activated carbon work?water-contaminants-activated-carbon

This carbon is a highly porous material. It works by attracting and keeping certain chemicals and other specific contaminants as water passes through it. Because this carbon is so porous, t has an extremely high surface area for contaminant adsorption. This carbon filtration is better at taking out organic contaminants from water as well as chlorine. As well, it improves the taste, odor, and color of the water. The filtered is healthy and tastes good. It is important to take care of controlling the growth of bacteria in carbon filters when used in purification systems.

What doesn’t activated carbon remove?

This carbon filtration will remove some contaminants, but there are others contaminants it will not remove. For instance, it does not remove fluoride, microbes, nitrates, sodium, and hardness. Heavy metals such as lead are removed only by a particular type of activated carbon filter. The manufacturer will state exactly what their particular activated carbon filtration system removes.
Today, there are not that many sources left that are safe to drink the water. Communities have extensive treatment systems that treat the water with a whole host of chemicals such as chlorine. For people who do not want unhealthy organic contaminants, as well as chemicals that were used to treat the water, have a healthy option. Filtration systems are becoming an addition to millions of homes. Activated carbon filtration is one method of removing contaminants out of the drinking water. There are also filtration systems that contain more than one filtration media which is effectively at removing a variety of contaminants. When you search for your purification system, make sure you look at the filter to make sure you are getting the contaminants removed from the water. When drinking purified water, you will rest easy knowing that you’re drinking healthy water.

Where To Use Activated Carbon Filter?

You can use carbon filter in almost each & every water filters like  shower filters, tap water filters & big water filtration systems.

See this Article for Best Shower Filter Reviews

10 Ways to Protect the Environment and Your Own Health

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10 Ways to Protect the Environment — and Your Own Health

photogallery_earth_day_01_full1 / 10   Buy Organic
More and more people are interested in going green, buying organic, and ultimately protecting the environment, for a number of different reasons.
“The quality of your life can improve, you can save money with green living choices, and you can protect the health of your family,” says Crissy Trask, founder of Greenmatters.com and author of It’s Easy Being Green: A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living. You can start making easy yet meaningful changes in your life today with the following 10 ideas.

2 / 10   Leave Your Car at Homephotogallery_earth_day_02_full
Every time you drive solo in an SUV, you’re adding more than 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases to the environment with each mile. Change your driving habits and you make an immediate impact on the environment. Take short trips on foot or by bike instead, and you’ll also make an immediate impact on your health. While riding your bike at a leisurely 6 miles per hour, you can burn 240 calories an hour or more. Walking at a normal pace of 2 to 3 miles per hour, you can burn up to 300 calories or more each hour.

photogallery_earth_day_03_full3 / 10   Think Reusable When You Drink
Because of recent reports of chemical contaminants in bottled water, many people are becoming concerned about drinking water from disposable plastic bottles, and especially about using plastic bottles to feed infants. Beyond the possible health concerns, buying bottled water is a “ridiculous use of plastic and an incredible waste of money,” says Trask. A better option: Buy an environmentally-friendly reusable stainless-steel canteen-like bottle for carrying your water around. For hot beverages, use a thermos so you won’t contribute to the “staggering” number of disposable coffee cups and lids that are thrown out each year, she says.

4 / 10   Slip Into Something a Little More Healthyphotogallery_earth_day_04_full
According to the World Wildlife Fund, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) used on some clothes to help keep them wrinkle-free can be toxic to the environment and have also been linked with health concerns including cancer. Choosing more natural fabrics is a greener approach, however, Trask says not all natural fabrics are eco-friendly ; growing cotton, for instance, can require heavy pesticide use. Look online for specialty stores in your area that sell clothes made fabrics produced using the least amount of harsh chemicals, like hemp, organic cotton, wool, or silk. This will maximize your contribution to the environment and minimize your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

photogallery_earth_day_05_full5 / 10   Choose Locally Grown or Organic Food
Fruits and vegetables are often shipped hundreds of miles or more from other states or countries before they reach your supermarket, which means they may have been picked weeks before you eat them. However, if you buy locally grown produce from a farmers’ market, for instance, the food is likely to be freshly picked. You’ll also have the chance to ask the farmer if the fruits and vegetables are organic, or if any pesticides or other chemicals that could pose a danger to the earth, or your health, were used on them.

6 / 10   Clean Up Your Water and the Environmentphotogallery_earth_day_06_full
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, more than 90 percent of water systems in the country meet EPA tap water quality standards, which means that some unwanted stuff could still be coming through your faucet. According to Consumer Reports, you can find a variety of water filters that remove common contaminants. Trask recommends Brita water-filtering pitchers because the company recycles used filters, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

photogallery_earth_day_07_full7 / 10   Do Some Old-School Cleaning
When you clean with harsh cleansers, “inevitably some of these chemical components escape into the environment,” Trask says. Such chemicals have been linked with a variety of health issues, including skin rashes and asthma flare-ups. “We can clean quite effectively with products our grandparents used. White vinegar or natural castile soap can be mixed with salt and baking soda to cut through mold or soap scum, and natural products like washing soda and borax can be used to clean floors and remove grease stains. One part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle makes a glass cleaner, shower cleaner, floor cleaner, and toilet cleaner.”

8 / 10   Make the World a Greener Placephotogallery_earth_day_08_full
Plant a tree (or a few!) in your yard as a family project. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the long list of health- and environment-improving benefits of having trees around include reducing your air-conditioning costs by providing shade; possibly raising the property value and resale appeal of your home; pulling carbon dioxide out of the environment and creating oxygen; improved water quality; and providing you with calming surroundings.

photogallery_earth_day_09_full9 / 10   Help Yourself to Less Meat, Help the Environment
Meat production has a big impact on the environment. Livestock industries generate 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions reported from the five major sectors (such as energy and agriculture) that participate in reporting. Considering only the agriculture sector, livestock industries account for more than 80 percent. In addition, pastures and land for crops to feed animals have taken the place of vast swaths of Amazon forests. Research has found that vegetarians are less likely to be obese, have lower cholesterol, and are less likely to have heart disease caused by blocked arteries. If you’re considering the vegetarian route, or just want to cut back on meat, just be sure to get enough protein through other sources like peanut butter, beans, soy foods, and eggs.

10 / 10   Choose a Greener Way of Cleaning Clothesphotogallery_earth_day_10_full
Many dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene, or perc, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed as a probable human carcinogen. After your clothes are dry-cleaned, some of the chemical remains in the fabric — you wear it next to your skin and it escapes into your home’s environment, which is bad for you and the earth, Trask says. Instead, try investigating cleaners in your area that offer “wet cleaning” technologies that use water-based equipment to clean garments that previously were dry cleaned.

source: www.everydayhealth.com/green-health-photos/ways-to-protect-the-environment-and-your-health.aspx


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